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Those who are men and women of color wishing to date men and women of color will want to check out

The Good

*Exclusively for men and women of color * There is a profile option of "family history" so someone could be living in the USA but have a history from the Ivory Coast * It's not too expensive * The profile takes no time to fill out.

The Bad

*More women than men and many are from Africa or Carribbean and looking to scam Americans * There is no chat or chat room function * There is no means for a person of different color to join and meet those of color.
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I like this concept. I do. However, when performing a search there were SO many attractive women from Africa and the Caribbean looking for a handsome and professional American man. It seemed a little sham-like to me. Those who seemed legit were decent profiles though.


One month is $24.99; a three-month membership is $49.98; and six-months is $70.00.


Browsing is free. Emailing is done only for members, however. Also, local events are posted which is a nice touch so people may meet in person.

Search Options

Age, location, country of origin (where ancestors are from), gender, relationship type, and photos.


The site concept is wonderful. Why not, right? However, it felt almost discriminatory against those who are perhaps of mixed race or another race looking to meet those of color. I also did not see an area for gay/lesbian relationships.

The browsing is so easy there but in doing so, I found a ton of women who were very attractive sort of shopping for a way to America. Perhaps I am jaded or worked in Trinidad and Tobago for too long in 2008 but it was a bit sham-like to me. The men in their photos were also attractive but not as much as the ladies. I am guessing this was no accident.

I also noticed there was no way to chat in a chat room and that sometimes breaks the ice so it's a shame this feature was not on the site.

The site itself needs updating because it looks like it was made in 1997. Not something I am too bothered by but it might turn others away.

All in all, it's not a bad place if one is specific and willing to wade through some obvious fake members to get to the real deal.

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