Senior People Meet Review is a website known for catering to the older demographic. Most members are between 55 years - 66 years and membership is less than most other sites.

The Good

This is an easy site to navigate • A paid one-year membership is less than other sites • Tons of members.

The Bad

Waste of money for those who are looking for love • Loads of web scammers have profiles that look inviting but are farces • Email box filled with people looking for money occurred almost imminently
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This web site looked so promising because there were a lot of active users and cost a fraction of the cost of other sites (per year). However, within five minutes of activating an online profile there, I got four different Nigerian scam artists asking me for money so that they may relinquish millions of dollars in assets. I also had two spam messages as well. Therefore, within six hours, I quit the site and asked for my money back. When the site did not respond immediately to my concerns and interest in reimbursement, I decided to take action with my credit card company. Fingers crossed I will receive my one-month membership fee back.


The price is too high when the cost is spamming and scamming. But anyone interested in taking a crack at the site will have the option of a free guest membership or a paid one starting at $29.95 per month. A one-year membership costs less at $119 than it does for a six-month one at $179.70.


Setting up a profile is so easy; there are little flirt tools called fittingly, "flirts; emailing and photos are included in a paid membership but browsing is free; video profiling is available as well as virtual kisses and the ability to block or ignore an annoying scammer, or rather member.

Search Options

A guest member may browse based on location, age, hair and eye color, and whether or not there are kids in the household. A paid membership will allowed one to delve further and locate members who have a particular salary and interest. I didn't stay long enough to explore any of the search features in greater depth, however.


I would never join this site. I like my hard earned money for myself, thank you very much. I also would have appreciated a quicker response time from the security team at the site. There are so many members to meet, however. Were I to stay longer, would I have met some great people? More than likely. It was not worth it though. And my wallet will thank me in the long run. Best to check out a site that has more security measures in place and the ability to turn away obvious scammers and spam accounts. My assessment? Run the other direction and bring your single friends with you, too.

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