Top Ten (10) Types of Women To Avoid Dating

When dating in today's world, nothing beats experience. Most people are simply not worth your time, however experience is the only way to find your true soul mate.

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To help expedite your dating process, we have compiled the top ten types of women to avoid dating. Remember, one or two nights with these women, might not be a bad thing, but do not get involved long term with these women. As a note, the Slut and the Stripper have been intentionally left of this list because these two should be more than obvious to you. Following are the top ten types of women to avoid dating.

10. The Control Freak

It begins with her letting you know that she likes a specific shirt on you, however in short time she is ordering your dinner and telling you what to eat. She attempts to control every aspect of your life and succeeds. She determines what you wear, what you can eat, who your friends are and everything else about your now miserable life. You become a child dominated by your girlfriend. Worst of all, the moment, you try to stand up for yourself, she denies sex as punishment or cries until you relent to her demands. You have been emasculated and loose your identity and self worth. Please Run!

9. The Stalker

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You meet her and she's hot therefore you love to have her around. The first time she shows up at guys night out, you are overjoyed because you look like the man. Then she shows up at work saying that she was in the neighborhood and came in to say hi. Things start to feel a bit weird and you question her about showing up unannounced. She quickly turns it on you, saying if you had something to hide you would be concerned. Then one night after a long day, you hear the rustle in the bushes outside of your room. You peer out and it appears to be a voyeur looking into your window. You go out to investigate and it is the girl you are dating. She tries to explain that she lost her cat in the neighborhood, but you know she doesn't have a cat. This relationship will only lead to her waiting on your porch each night you go out. Stay away!

8. The Desperate One

Her biological clock is continuing to get louder in her ears. In fact when you get close to her, you can hear the clock. She lets you know that she is the last of her friends to get married and she thought she would have been married 12 years ago. When she talks about marriage you can feel the desperation in her voice and see the desperation in her face. She looks at you like you are her last hope. Do not fall for the trap. She could care less at this point, you are a man and she is going to do whatever it takes to drag you to the altar and trap you into the rest of your miserable life. Please men, watch out for this one.

7. The Insecure Chick

It is consistently stated that the hotter a woman is, the more insecure she is. This woman, starts off sweet and nice. She treats you well and calls you often to let you know that she appreciates your friendship and the time you spend together. You quickly realize that these ten to twenty calls a day are actually to consistently check on your whereabouts. "Who are you with?" and "Is that a girl in the background" are questions you find yourself answering while you are at work. She doesn't just want to "hear your voice". She is tracking you. She forces you to tell her every hour that she is attractive and spends four hours caking on her makeup prior to going to the gym. She becomes needy and clingy then downright creepy in no time. Cut ties!

6. The Bride

The Bride

At the end of the first date, this woman professes her love to you. By the second date, you know how many kids you will have, where you will live and have booked flights to meet your in laws. You on the other hand still have trouble remembering her name. Her romantic fantasies are only shown in Oxygen channel movies and Fabio romance novels. If you check her car or purse, she already has her bridal dress picked out of a magazine and you are her prince charming who has come to carry her away. This woman will have no idea what the real world is about. she will be terrible in any sexual situation and she will nag you every day of your life. Stay the hell away.

5. The Consummate Tease

You are at the bar with your buddies and she is staring at you. She makes her way over and throws her beautiful body on you. You are dancing erotically and sex is on your mind. You offer her a drink and she orders becuase you know where this night is heading. When you return with the drinks she is grinding on your buddy and then your other buddy. You manage to somehow corral this wild philly and as you dance again, those thoughts enter your mind again. You get another drink, but this time bring her with you and the night continues. When the night comes to an end, you ask for her number she denies you and walks away. She held your attention all night and that is what she wanted. You go home, empty, broke and alone.

4. The Shady One

It was the best date of your life and throughout the evening you both spoke of the next date. You were a gentlemen and didn't push things along because in your mind, you were going to see her the next day and possibly the day after that. You went to bed with a smile on your face only to wake up energized, yet anxious to call her later that afternoon. You finally make it through the day and call her, there's no answer, so you wait and call again, no answer. Five days later you have not heard from her. Ten days later she calls you and gives you some excuse about her whereabouts and you go out again. The date is better than the first and you are ready for a third, yet she disappears again. Unless you are ok, with the fact that the girl you are dating is banging some other man for 10 days while you wait for her call, stay away!

3. The Bitch

She may be the hottest girl you have ever seen, however soon as she opens her mouth everyone within a mile radius cringes. She never has a good time in any situation and does her best to make sure you don't have a good time as well. She is extremely well dressed and your friends commend you and wonder how you pulled this beautiful vixen, however as soon as they meet her, they urge you not to bring her around. The world is against this woman in her mind and now you have jumped into the battle to help her fight the world. That is not your battle, get out. This woman can be spotted by her persistent scowl and delusional thoughts of her omnipresent superiority.

2. The Gold Digger

This woman will milk you for every hard earned penny you own and justify it simply because she has a vagina. Men, this borders on prostitution! Nothing is out of line to this woman and she will use her assets to keep you working as hard as possible to finance her extravagant life. Somehow you forget that your bank account is dwindling and there are other women out there! This woman expects her lifestyle to be financed in every way from drinks, flowers and jewelry to extravagant trips and gifts for her mom. The payments and gifts are never enough and as soon as she has milked you financially and physically, it's off to the next mark with no remorse or sorrow for her poor ex-boyfriend. Stay away, after all, a prostitute is cheaper!

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1. The Feminist Warrior

To this woman, the problems of the world are caused by men and she prides herself on the belief that men are an unnecessary luxury of society. Her thoughts of the perfect world are obstructed by the male patriarchy that has controlled and dominated women since the beginning of time. She will do everything within her power to emasculate the poor man that she manages to control each and every day. If you here the words "All men think with their penises" run like hell and don't look back. She's not a lesbian, but should be. Avoid feminist pride at all costs because even the sex is terrible.

It is a tough world out there, however following this guidance when it comes to dating will make your journey to find love a whole lot easier. Good luck!

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